Soul Soot Poetry

#poetry, #prose

Starving thieves

Selling lies

I’m your buyer

Try to pocket my love

But it’s too big to hide

Inflicting the naive

Such a sweet and dangerous game

Oh but how we like to play

A poor, little, dirty mind

Can’t keep my hands and feet


Where’s my virtue

Didn’t mean to hurt you

Love is dead inside me

I’m giving birth daily

Turns out God’s a liar

A perfect being

Could never father

Such an awful child

~A.M. Troester, An Awful Child (A Siren’s Hymnal)

2 thoughts on “An Awful Child

  1. Danny R. Kelley says:

    Only the dark side of pain can create such beautiful words.

    Thank you dor sharing!


    1. amtroester says:

      I know you know. Thank you for reading.


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