Soul Soot Poetry

#poetry, #prose

i was born on

the day of the dead


i died right away

spat out life

like God


tepid love

in His mouth

and so it started

all this living dying

over and over

swallowed by the sun


turned to salt and sand

a great beach pulled back

into a dry ocean

an everlasting


but each year

on the day of my birth

I rise

to take back all that was stolen

all the wronging

all the longings

all the dying

to personify

daydreams drowning

love inside me lying

at the feet


when the day is gone

all is forgiven

and a better version

of me is left breathing

if we live many lifetimes in one life

we die many times

do not fear this living death my darling

it is how you begin again

swallow the sorrow,

the soul soot

let it become ink

and bleed

~A.M. Troester, Lady of the Dead (Soul Soot Poetry)

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