Soul Soot Poetry

#poetry, #prose


a library

of my favorite books

your body

my church

touching you

my favorite prayer


a scared smell of

soap and sex and incense


the stars raining bright in a dark sky

giving the anxious ocean a nightlight

of wonder and beauty

your voice

a warm blanket

calming and keeping me safe

your eyes

the great knowers

truth tellers

our keepers

their resin melting on each

memory of us,

turning them to amber

in adoration or in dismissal,

in inspiration or in deprivation,

in reverence or in curse,

in front of all the lost and founds

i cry out, I Love You

in you, i believe again

you give me God

our love, one flesh


let no man,

not even you or me,

tear us

~A.M. Troester, Giving God (A Muse’s Aspirations)

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