Soul Soot Poetry

#poetry, #prose

i hold his name in my mouth hesitant to make the sound of it the same sacred language used when talking to a god could conjure a spell or cast a prayer over me i cannot make him a god again ~A.M. Troester, God Again (An Echo’s Reflections)

love like sheep in wolf’s clothing we knew better we weren’t for each other when it’s all for attention there’s no need to mention the obvious you read me Dylan Thomas a song, a favorite artist you’re too old to know who Phoebe is the fates were against us doesn’t take a psychic or a …

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It feels good to be inside your energy Your smoke in my lungs Your drink on my tongue Breathing your breath Fawning your fantasies Adopting your memories Listening to your favorite songs I am you I am good I am powerful I am this energy This energy is dying and doesn’t care about entropy This …

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you a love letter penciled and folded by the hands of God into a paper ship promise set out to sea it took great strength to unfold and let them read what was left of your dampened pulled apart shipwrecked pulp of a paper heart ~A.M. Troester, Paper Heart (A Muse’s Aspirations)