Soul Soot Poetry

#poetry, #prose


ethereal love

the strength of

translucent skinned

flower pedals

paper wings

and bird bones

an intricate tapestry

a web heavy with glistening tears


from thin air spirits

bathed in

soft sighs of

a paper moon morning

and the soft sound of

underwater rain


the color dust of

butterfly wings

the shimmer swirl of

pellucid rainbow

madness in bubbles

delicate and defiant all at once


like the butterfly

are strong enough

to live without pieces of yourself

and partly torn wings

and like a bubble

your rebellious spirit

laughs at gravity

it barely considers its impossibility

of flight

~A.M. Troester, Delicate Strength (A Muse’s Aspirations)

i hold his name in my mouth


to make the sound of it

the same sacred language

used when talking to a god

could conjure a spell

or cast a prayer

over me

i cannot make him

a god again

~A.M. Troester, God Again (An Echo’s Reflections)

love like sheep in wolf’s clothing

we knew better

we weren’t for each other

when it’s all for attention

there’s no need to mention

the obvious

you read me Dylan Thomas

a song, a favorite artist

you’re too old to know who Phoebe is

the fates were against us

doesn’t take a psychic

or a scientist

it was just a rush

my heart, a bird

a song with wings

flew to you

with everything

hit your window with a thud

set aside, kid-gloved

offer friendship as a ruse

you ask for lukewarm love

just another game to loose

when there’s fire in the blood

i’ll stop haunting the place you live

inside me

waking up your memory

no more running

in a red dress

through your forest

i’ll forget your address

~A.M. Troester, Red Dress (A Siren’s Hymnal)

Starving thieves

Selling lies

I’m your buyer

Try to pocket my love

But it’s too big to hide

Inflicting the naive

Such a sweet and dangerous game

Oh but how we like to play

A poor, little, dirty mind

Can’t keep my hands and feet


Where’s my virtue

Didn’t mean to hurt you

Love is dead inside me

I’m giving birth daily

Turns out God’s a liar

A perfect being

Could never father

Such an awful child

~A.M. Troester, An Awful Child (A Siren’s Hymnal)

It feels good to be inside your energy

Your smoke in my lungs

Your drink on my tongue

Breathing your breath

Fawning your fantasies

Adopting your memories

Listening to your favorite songs

I am you

I am good

I am powerful

I am this energy

This energy is dying and doesn’t care about entropy

This energy doesn’t worry about forgetting

This energy is safe in the unsure

This energy knows

~A.M. Troester, Of Echo (An Echo’s Reflections)


a love letter

penciled and folded

by the hands of God

into a paper ship promise

set out to sea

it took great strength

to unfold

and let them read

what was left of

your dampened

pulled apart


pulp of a paper heart

~A.M. Troester, Paper Heart (A Muse’s Aspirations)

we touch

your energy 


in poetry 

and tongues

more than blood

bone and skin


souls burst

in an ancient 

color scheme 

the kaleidoscope chemistry

of you and me

an answer

to endless asking

let your soul tell my soul

what words won’t say

what I do for you

you do for me

lust, love, need

my heart’s bleeding

am I the song 

you’re singing 

you have a heart to mend

i have a heart to lend

just let me know

~A.M. Troester, An Ancient Chemistry (A Muse’s Aspirations)